baby: i..i.....i
mom: you what honey? you need something?
baby:'s not me, it's you actually, it's the taxidermy of you and me untie the balloons from around my neck and ground me i'm just a racehorse on the track send me back to the glue factory always thought i'd float away and never come back but i've got enough miles on my car to fly the boys home on my own but you know me: i like being all alone and keeping you all alone and the charts are boring and the kids are snoring and the girl's in a sling you say you're not listening and i said i'm wishing... and i said... i said...

When Im dead and gone everyone will be better off. I won’t be an annoying burden to this family and I wont be the sad useless guy my friends look down on and try to avoid seeing as much as possible. They can live their lives like they want. I wont be here to stop them doing that.