The last part of that text post was figuratively speaking

I almost hit day 0 today, I would have lost 4 years of hard work if I had,. Im glad I didnt but why do I feel worthless and useless still. Why do I feel worse since I didn’t cut. I want to die and its only a matter of time before I do. I just wish for once something to go my way but It wont ill still be stuck in this rut.

Heck I wish shed notice me, I wish shed talk to me more, I wish shed see me the way I see her.

But no like everyone else they just see me as this annoying useless worthless brat who wont leave them alone. I never do anything right. Im at the end of a rope and I’m ready to jump. Please tell mum this is not her fault.  

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You think you’re better than everyone else. Get your head out of your arse and start thinking of others.